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Why Primary Health Care is very important in life?

New research suggests that people who have grown up in close contact with nature are much less likely to develop mental health problems in adulthood than peers who had less access to green space as children.
children playing in nature Did you grow up in a green area? If so, you may be enjoying better mental health than your peers.
According to recent studies, mental health problems have been on the rise in the United States, with particular increases in cases of anxiety and depression.

The reasons behind this worrying trend are as numerous as they are complex, ranging from the evermore stressful demands of modern-day life, such as being constantly “on call” through email, phone, and social media, to environmental factors, such as pollution.

Researchers from around the world have been trying to disentangle each of these risk factors, so as to get a better idea of what changes are necessary to prevent mental health problems from developing into an increasingly serious, society-wide issue.

Now, a new study from postdoctoral researcher Kristine Engemann and colleagues from Aarhus University in Denmark has found a link between growing up in a natural environment and enjoying better mental health in adulthood.


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